What are some practical ways to reduce food waste in my home?


Here are some practical ways to reduce food waste in your home:

  1. Plan meals ahead of time and only buy the groceries you need to avoid over-purchasing.
  2. Store food properly to keep it fresh for longer, such as using airtight containers or keeping items in the refrigerator.
  3. Learn to use all parts of the food, including vegetable scraps and meat bones, to create broths or stocks.
  4. Freeze leftover food that you can’t consume right away to extend its shelf life.
  5. Use creative ways to use up leftovers, such as incorporating them into new dishes or packing them for lunch.
  6. Buy misshapen or “ugly” produce, which is often sold at a discount, to reduce food waste.
  7. Donate excess food to local food banks or community organizations that accept donations.
  8. Compost food scraps to create nutrient-rich soil for gardening or farming.
  9. Avoid expiration date confusion by learning about the differences between “use by” and “best by” labels.
  10. Consider implementing a “first in, first out” system for food storage to ensure that older items are used up before newer ones.
foodsavingexpert Asked question 13 February 2023
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