Free Energy Drink from Red Bull

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Red Bull has launched the Flying Laps Challenge, an exciting fitness campaign that rewards participants with a chance to win free 2-packs of Red Bull and other prizes. By signing up and setting fitness goals, participants can get their bodies moving and reach new heights of fitness and wellbeing.

To take part, simply click on the button below and read the complete information. To join the challenge, you will need to download the Strava app and register for the Flying Laps challenge. The first 2,500 individuals to sign up with their details will receive a free 2-pack of Red Bull, while participants who successfully complete the challenge by running 5.9km every week for four weeks will receive additional rewards.

Furthermore, participants who complete all the stages of the Flying Laps Challenge will be given the opportunity to enter a draw for a VIP Track Day at Silverstone, a fantastic prize for anyone who loves the thrill of motorsport. So what are you waiting for? Take on the challenge, set your goals, and get your body moving to reach new heights of fitness and wellbeing.

This is an excellent opportunity to enhance your fitness levels, achieve new goals, and enjoy some of the best energy drinks on the market. So, don’t hesitate to join the Flying Laps Challenge today and experience the many benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle. Best of luck!

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