Free Regular Hot Drink at Booths

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By becoming a Booths cardholder, you can enjoy various perks including a daily free regular hot beverage at any Booths location.

If you live in the North-West region of the UK, it may be worth considering becoming a Booths cardholder. In addition to a free daily regular hot drink at any Booths store, you can also take advantage of electronic receipts to track your spending, a discount on their Afternoon Tea for Two, and weekend newspaper benefits. These benefits can make being a Booths cardholder a worthwhile experience.

To take advantage of the free regular hot drink and other benefits offered by Booths, you will first need to obtain a temporary card in-store. After you have the temporary card, you can register it online by following a provided link. Once you have completed the registration process, your permanent card will be mailed to you and you can use it as desired.

It is always useful to share information about potential discounts and benefits with friends and family. If you know someone who shops at Booths and would be interested in obtaining a free regular hot drink every day by becoming a cardholder, it may be worth letting them know about this opportunity.

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