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Fish & Chips

Fish and chips is a very simple dish you can prepare in less than half an hour, and you know already that everyone will love it. So when you lack ideas and time and need to turn on the “fast saving money” mode, fish and chips are the perfect recipe to prepare even twice a week, why not? Of course, the best fish for preparing this meal is cod, but you can replace it with other types of fish like haddock or plaice.

  • Total Time: 30 Minutes


  • 8 cod fillets
  • 800 g potatoes, peeled and cut into wedges
  • 200 g all-purpose flour
  • 220 ml sparkling water
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/3 teaspoon instant yeast
  • Seed oil, for frying
  • Salt, to taste


  1. In a mixing bowl, combine flour, eggs, sparkling water, yeast and a pinch of salt. 
  2. Whisk to obtain a homogeneous batter and cover with plastic foil. Refrigerate for half an hour.
  3. Coat well cod fillets with batter and fry them in hot oil.
  4. When lightly golden, transfer them onto kitchen paper to remove the excess oil.
  5. Fry the potatoes in hot oil, and place them on kitchen paper when ready. 
  6. Season with salt and serve.
  7. Enjoy!


  • Serve with some tasty homemade sauce like sweet and sour or something more neutral like sour cream and chives dip.
  • Author: foodsavingexpert
  • Prep Time: 20 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 Minutes
  • Category: Fish
  • Method: Frying
  • Cuisine: Fish and Chips


  • Serving Size: 4
  • Calories: 532
  • Sugar: 2.6g
  • Sodium: 185mg
  • Fat: 4.9g
  • Saturated Fat: 0.8g
  • Carbohydrates: 69.9g
  • Fiber: 6.2g
  • Protein: 51.4g
  • Cholesterol: 192mg

Keywords: fish and chips, cod, fish, seafood

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