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My Kids Eat Healthier for £5 a Day – This is How I Do It

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably sick to the back teeth of hearing about soaring energy prices, rising inflation, interest rates, and of course, the old faithful ‘cost of living crisis’ as the media love to put it. Times are hard for us all, and with a long winter ahead, it’s important to budget... Continue reading

Cut Food Costs with These Tips from Chefs

Without sounding too negative, 2022 has been an incredibly tough year, emotionally and economically, and unfortunately things aren’t going to get better overnight. We’re in the midst of what the media are calling a ‘cost of living crisis’ and with energy prices unacceptably high, fuel prices rocketing, and inflation the highest it’s been in decades,... Continue reading

You Won’t Believe These 8 Cheap Food Hacks

Right now, we understand that times are tough, both financially, and emotionally. While there are glimmers of hope on the horizon regarding the ‘cost of living crisis’ things will unfortunately get worse before they get better. With inflation skyrocketing, disposable income shrinking, fuel prices rising, and energy prices out of control, we’re really feeling the... Continue reading

Food for Thought: Money Saving Breakfast Ideas as Easy as 1,2,3

At a time where inflation is into double digits and is at the highest it’s been in many decades, shopping for food is becoming an increasing expensive affair. Add to this record energy prices, spiralling fuel prices, political instability, the lingering effects of a global pandemic, overseas invasions, and who knows what else, and it’s... Continue reading

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